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About US

About Greenfield

Greenfield Nutritions, Inc. is a nutritional firm, located in the Midwest of America, offers a wide variety of vitamins and dietary supplement products with superior formulas to help promote a healthy life style and to serve a wide range of ethnic customers. Our ingredients and formulas are well selected by a team of pharmacists and chemists and are serving more number of customers in our diverse American nation satisfying different ethnic and religious groups.

About Our Business to Business Collaboration

Greenfield Nutritions has many products which are offered only to distributors on higher quantities  (See list of products in page Our Products List), we also use our experience in the nutritional and pharmaceutical industry to help our clients satisfy their market needs. We can do contract manufacture, OTC, and generic drugs. We have experience in the depth of the manufacturing and regulation of supplement food and drugs. 

About Formulas and Products

  • Our formulas are free of pork products and alcohol, and they are US HALAL certified products, including the ingredients such as the gelatin. In addition our manufacturer facilities are Halal Certified.
  • Our innovated formulas are selected to be convenient to our customers special needs, and different ages, for children, Halal soft gel for Vitamin D and Omega 3.
  • Our formulas are produced in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and FDA registered facilities.
  • Our formulas are produced by a high proficient manufacturer in U.S.
  • Our products are tested for quality.
  • Our products are marketed in the U.S in addition to other countries such as the Middle East.
  • Our products are custom packaging to ensure quality and identity of the products.

About Our Customers

As the American society continues to diversify and grow with different ethnic groups, we at Greenfield believe in serving our customers with products that are more diverse and convenient

  • Many of our products can serve the vegetarian customers
  • Our products can serve different ethnicities, as it is Halal Products (free of Pork or animal products and alcohol)
  • Our innovative products satisfy our customers different tastes and desires.