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Health Corner

 How to Store Your Halal Multivitamin and Gummies in Your Home

Storing vitamins in the appropriate place in your home is crucial to the safety and efficacy of our vitamins. To know how the storage of vitamin is important to your health, we need to understand how the expiration date is determined on the vitamins and minerals such as Halal vitamin D3 5000IU, Halal vitamin B12 1000 mcg, Halal multivitamin gummies for children and adult, Halal hair, skin, and nails, and Halal fish oil (Omega 3).

Well established brands such as Greenfield Nutritions study the stability of it’s products by exposing them to different conditions such as temperature, humidity, and light for the same amount of time of their product expiration date, which is 2 to 3 years. During this period of time, the lab tests those products periodically and ensures the active ingredient(s) amount, such as Vitamin D3, is still within it’s effective range.

Exposing the products to an excessive amount of humidity (moisture), heat, and light will reduce the shelf life (expiration time) of the vitamins. For example, keeping the vitamins in your kitchen and close to a window will expose the vitamins to an excessive amount of humidity and heat from cooking, and the direct light from the window. As a result, the active ingredient of the product, for example in Halal vitamin D3 5000 IU or Halal Collagen with Vitamin C will lose its potency sooner than it’s expiration date.

The ideal place to store your vitamins and OTCs is your bedroom and in a closed cabinet, not in the kitchen, bathroom, or the car.

Furthermore, do your research when buying vitamins and minerals to make sure to choose the right brand that extensively tests their products, as many companies do only limited testing. Greenfield Nutritions tests all products based on the guidance of USP (United State Pharmacopeia) to ensure the safety and the efficacy of its products.